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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Back To School Day!

Anatomy of the first day photo

The first day of school photo is a must for all parents. All Most Some parents even post them on FB. Not sure if you've noticed this. *sarcasm* I'm staying away from the social network today because it's just too much for me and I just can't. 

Many parents have the kids hold up signs that say their grade level. My friend Lisa made this for all the families whose children aren't really entering grades per se, and are really just going back to school. Yes, Little Bird is technically going to begin third grade but she spends the major majority of her day in the Autism classroom, rarely does she spend time in the third grade classroom. Perhaps her sign should read "first day of 3-5 ASD"? Nah, no sign for us. Getting the shot was tough enough....

Bright thoughts for a successful school year! I think there's a special education proverb that reads:   

"May this school year bring less phone calls home, more access to services, less rotation of staff, more peer interaction, and less shouting at the IEP."

Or something like that. Whatever.

Happy back to school day!

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