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Saturday, August 30, 2014

He Sent Me A Penny

It was two years ago that he died. Two years ago today, actually. Jed was a great friend to me and a great support. Always encouraging me and cheering on the bird from across the miles. Of course I think about him all the time, but since this week marked the anniversary of his death, he's been on my mind a bit more, I guess. Soon after he died, another friend of ours saw him in a dream. I was so jealous. There were times when I'd hoped to see him in dreams; hoped he'd answer some of my questions. For two years, he never showed up. And then it happened. He visited me a few nights ago and we laughed and I got to see him smile, at peace. Finally at peace.

Today I was in the middle of a packed yoga class. Somewhere between one pose or another, I looked down and I saw it. A penny. About a year and a half ago, I started seeing pennies on the ground as signs that people I loved who aren't here anymore are sending me a little message, a little hug, a little wink and a smile. I got chills right away and knew that penny was from Jed. Just a little something to let me know he's still here around me, supporting me.

What in the world was a penny doing on the floor of a yoga room (typically all you bring into a yoga room is your body and a mat)? And what are the chances that my mat would be right there next to this penny? And what are the chances that all this happens today, on the anniversary of Jed's death?

I'm grateful that I was present enough to see the penny and get the message. So, Jed, wherever you may be tonight... back atcha, buddy.

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