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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My 5 favorite things at 38 weeks pregnant

These are the facts:
-Today I am 38 weeks pregnant.
-I will get my baby boy out of my body and into my arms in no more than 14 days.
-38 weeks ago I was 5'1" and 103 pounds.
-Today I'm still 5'1" (though it'd be convenient if women grew taller during pregnancy- there's, like, no room in here) and 135 pounds. (side note: still gained 15 pounds less than I did with Little Bird)

Here are FIVE of my current favorite things:
1) Maternity leggings. Obviously the number one reason to get pregnant. Seriously.
2) Cold weather. It's 19 degrees here today and I will wear no hat, scarf, or mittens. I probably won't even zip up my coat (I mean, even if I could, I wouldn't!)
3) My Sudoku app on my phone. Must. Beat. High. Score.
4) twizzlers, peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam sandwiches on white bread, salami, candy canes, chocolate chips, fruit punch gatorade, whipped cream in my daily 4oz of coffee, pizza (it's possible that I'll make up those aforementioned 15 pounds in the next two weeks)
5) These two:

today's prompt: List 5 of your current favorite things

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