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Thursday, November 7, 2013


I wrote this post two weeks ago. 
It's taken me this long to calm down and publish it.

I can NOT believe this, but WE HAVE LICE.
I am completely freaking out. 
Somehow I've gone 36 years without ever having to deal with this.

The morning started out like any other. Little Bird came stumbling down the hallway to snuggle in my bed. She scratched her head twice and I said, "that's making me really nervous." Ben used the flashlight app on his phone and within ten seconds gave me the look and said, "yes. 100%, yes." 

So, I ran downstairs and got the package that's been sitting in the pantry for months after the note was sent home from summer camp about another camper having lice. We doused her head in it and dragged the comb through. There's NO denying it- the girl is infested. I immediately began to itch ALL over. 

After freaking out for a while (this hasn't stopped), I called The Lice Lady. I have no clue what I'm doing and I'm not afraid to ask for help. She came over within a couple hours. She went through my hair and, yes, I have it, too. UGH!!!! She started treating us with all these essential oils (who knows?) and helped us figure out what to do next. Hint: lots of cleaning.

Cutest lice-infested kid ever

As if I needed any more confirmation of his love for us, Ben spent hours combing through our hair and digging out eggs and bugs. Bugs, people, BUGS!!!

The more I've spoken to people about this, the more I realize that everyone has had to deal with this at some point. I called school (apparently, it's a known problem at school right now), called the therapist Little Bird saw yesterday, emailed everyone we've been with for the past week. Knowledge is power, gotta inform everyone. 

I am beyond blessed with the fact that Little Bird was able to remain calm and was very happy to sit and watch shows while having her hair combed through. I think she was afraid that if she'd protest, the TV would turn off. At some point, the combing through her hair might've begun feeling good and she actually let me do it every day for the next few days until we were sure everything was gone. Our house became spotless, our pillows and linens have never been cleaner. I swear, I put some nesting skills to work on the anti-lice crusade. While I never, ever, ever want to go through that again, I do know what to do should anything like that ever- nope not even gonna say it. I'm just glad we are no longer infested, because even just hitting publish on this post is making me itchy all over.

Admit it, after reading this, you're itching, aren't you?

Ed. note: Ben wants me to make sure everyone knows that he did not have it.

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