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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We grew a garden!

We moved 15 days ago. I feel the need to say that it was just 15 days ago in order to justify the boxes everywhere. We're still in the "are you sure this is the best place for the ____?" and "Have you seen the ____?" phase. Still, we are loving our new home. We now have room for friends and family to come visit (hint hint) and, of course, for the baby. We have two favorite parts of the home so far. The deck which looks out to a beautiful protected nature area (there are signs around it that say "protected nature area" and the garden we've started.

It was just overgrown with weeds and such, but Ben and his brother got started on it and transformed it into something really special. 

In the beginning...

We picked out a few plants: peppers and tomatoes

We also planted some lettuce and carrot seeds

We've had a great time watching the process

Looking forward to enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labor!

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