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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blooming where I'm planted

Last weekend was the 19th annual MTV Video Music Awards. You already know this because you likely haven't been able to escape the Miley Cyrus "thing". Funny thing is, going to the VMAs was a big family event for the G clan when I was a kid. We'd get dressed up and go and have a great time. This year, my mom and I spoke about how much our lives had changed from those days. I've moved out of Los Angeles, settling in a small midwestern town where I couldn't even watch this year's broadcast because I don't have cable. Instead, I sat on my couch, knitting and rubbing my expanding belly. My parents have spent their summer far from LA in northern Idaho. We are all pretty far removed from the fast Hollywood life we once lived. My brother is the only remaining not only in LA, but also working in the music business.

My roots are weird. I almost never discuss that strange, fast part of my upbringing. It's an interesting thing to move away and make all new relationships and a whole new life without people knowing much about your past or from where you've come. Bloom where you're planted, right?

It's always nice to see old friends and school mates succeeding (assuming the huge summer hit is what's remembered rather than being dry humped by a former Disney star), and remembering a bit of what it was like to grow up in the fast lane. But, really, I'm loving my slower paced midwestern life. I'm in the right place for me and I know it. And now I'm off to water our vegetable garden...

Click here to see a photo of my new backyard

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