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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautifying A Very Special Home

A couple weeks ago, Ben, Bird and I planted flowers at a local JARC home (just like last year). It is so great to get to beautify a home for the residents. We had a really good time. There happened to be a man power-washing a driveway across the street and it was too much for Little Bird. Not even her headphones could help. So, she went inside the house to hang out with the residents. This was a women's home and a few of the ladies were hanging out and watching TV. It just so happened that they were watching Little Bird's most favorite movie in the universe- Grease! She was in heaven! They all had a great time together and Ben and I got the planting done in no time. Really looking forward to going back to that home for a shabbos dinner soon and getting to see how our flowers look. We love JARC and love being a part of such a fabulous organization dedicate to enriching the lives of the developmentally disabled. It feels good to do good.

What kind of mitzvot (good deeds) have you performed lately? 

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