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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Learning to skateboard using ABA!

I just read a great story about a great place in Las Vegas. Sport-Social is a fairly new company that serves 200+ kids with Autism by teaching them social skills through games and sports. The owner's idea behind the facility is that if kids gain confidence in a sport or activity, they are more likely to become more social. Last month when I saw Temple Grandin speak, she emphasized (like she always does), the importance of helping our kids find and interest and then find outlets for being social that are tied to those interests. What an incredible idea.

Andrew Devitt, who started Sport-Social, wanted to use ABA-type therapy to teach kids to skateboard, scooter, and ride bikes. He even gives kids prizes for using common kid language like, "dude" and "sick" (ed note: 'sick' means cool). It's important to help our kids find ways to blend in so that they feel more confident. I'm not talking about making them be something other than who they are, I'm talking about giving them chances to find interests and form friendships around those interests.

Sadly, last month the facility was burned down. Seven separate fires were set- yes, set- by a "rogue" employee of another facility aimed at working with kids on the spectrum. While there is some insurance coverage, it's only enough to cover about half the damages.

They're currently up for a $100,000 grant which would help them fund their programming and make a huge difference in the lives of kids with ASD. Voting is open! Visit http://ves.to/sport-social/ for more info.

Dude, it'd be totally sick for you to help them make this happen! (did I sound cool there, or what??!)

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