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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Victory in the ASD Classroom!

Here's my latest (and greatest!!!) post in the school sucks saga...

{shortest version possible: Little Bird was in the wrong program. I knew it. School district administration disagreed. I fought. The fought back. I fought some more. And even more. I think I won.}

Today is Thursday, so Little Bird has been in the new program for 4 days and so far, it's been an incredible change. She was in a mildly cognitively impaired class where she was largely nonverbal and having bathroom accidents almost daily. After an incredibly long fight, she was finally switched to an ASD program. I pulled up to the new school with some first day jitters. (Literally. My eye twitched the entire first day of school.) I pulled up and saw her and immediately looked at her pants to check if they were the same ones she went to school in. They were!! The teacher smiled and said, "it was a great day. she was very verbal and told us every time she had to use the bathroom." Ummm, are we talking about the same Bird? YES!

I'd wondered if when the teacher said she was "very verbal" she was comparing her to the other kids in the class (I'd been told they're mostly pretty quiet kiddos), but I realized that Little Bird being any kind of verbal was an improvement. Even though she has always been very chatty at home, she'd been largely nonverbal in the Mild CI room. So far, this is a huge improvement.

Everyone we've encountered in the new school has been awesome. The principal is totally on top of it all and really seems to get these kids. I'm sure it's incredibly helpful for the teachers and those who service the program to have that kind of support. As a parent, it sure does feel good!

All in all this is a WIN*

*you know, so far. I'm not exhaling completely just yet, but at least the twitch is gone.

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