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Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Made Food Out Of Pinterest Recipes

A nice, relaxing Sunday means the oven is on, the coffee is on, the record player is on, and it's still cold here, so the heat is on, too.

I pin stuff on the Pinterest that I think I'll enjoy making and/or eating. Then I make and/or eat said things. Today I got pretty busy doing a bit of that.

I started out baking brownies from scratch and I must say that after I baked these last week, I said I'd never bake brownies from a mix again and I am sticking to that. So easy! So, first I made some with gluten free flour and added a bit of xanthan gum. Then I made another batch with the real gluten-y flour.

Then I moved on to the Honey Cinnamon Roasted Garbanzo Beans I'd been wanting to try. They're pretty good, but I'm not sure Bird will like them as much as she likes plain, uncooked garbanzos. Seriously, the girls loves them. 
This recipe (and photo) comes from FitSugar and this is meant to be a sweet snack.
Side note: garbanzo beas or chick peas. Discuss.

Next I made delicious "Crispy Edamame". Mine didn't look even remotely close to the photo posted, but tasted just fine because parmesan cheese pretty much the best cheese. Ever.

Do you have any new, exciting, easy recipes to share? 
You can see what else I've made on my "Made it myself!" board or see what else I think I can handle making on my "I can do that!" board.

While I made this stuff, I listened to Tallest Man On Earth "There's No Leaving Now", Grateful Dead "Working Man's Dead", and Alabama Shakes "Boys and Girls". Good stuff.

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