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Monday, February 11, 2013

REED it and weep

*shake shake shake*
*flap flap*
*spin spin*
*stim stim*

That's just me after the Re-Evaluation of Existing Data (REED) meeting that I had with Little Bird's "team" from the school district. Still so much more to fight for. So disappointing to have to fight so hard just so that my girl will get what she needs. While placement is at the top of my agenda- getting her placed into an ASD classroom despite the push-back I've gotten from the district- it's also necessary for her to be re-evaluated so that her eligibility is better determined. They don't really count on outside diagnoses like the one she has from a very well respected child psychologist (who wrote the diagnostic guidelines for Autism), so they've gotta perform another battery of tests. That'll take them 30 school days (and we've got a mid-winter break in there somewhere, adding an extra 5 days to that). I feel sad that I've gotta put her through all these tests, but I am glad that she could be one step closer to getting what she needs. In the end, that's all that counts.

Side note (and proud mommy bragging moment): At my request, an ASD teacher in the district was sent to observe Bird in her current classroom to put her two cents in about whether she'd benefit from ASD. I just read the report she wrote. She talks about how my girl is so easily distracted, quiet, doesn't follow directions, etc. Then she says that the teacher pointed to a picture on the wall and asked the students if they knew who he was. *crickets* And then my little bird piped up, "Martin Luther King!" And she was right. You know, because I've taught her the most important things in life.

CLICK HERE for more on the school sucks saga.

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