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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tikkun Olam-athon

My family and I recently participated in our synagogue's Tikkun Olam-athon. Tikkun Olam is Hebrew for "Repair The World." The temple spent the Sunday before MLK day doing acts of community service. There were all kinds of awesome projects and ways to give back by being of service to the community.
Just look at all those people being of service!

Little Bird, Ben, and I worked on a project to help "The Greening of Detroit" by creating labels for seed packets that will be distributed to Detroit residents in the spring to plant in the 1,300 community gardens this organization supports throughout the city.

Many children created artwork to adorn the walls of a local children's hospital

Making "no-sew" blankets for children in need

Kitty forts for the animals at the Michigan Humane Society- awwwww!
There were also opportunities to prepare meals and care packages for people at the Ronald McDonald House, study/school supply kits for kids in Detroit who might otherwise go without. There was also Bingo at a Retirement Home, but no kids for that one (apparently the residents take their bingo very very seriously!). Not only do I love doing things in my community, I love that Little Bird is being taught and shown that this is just what we do.... 

What kind of mitzvah have YOU performed lately?

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