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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Far From The Tree

My friend Lainie suggested we read this book, Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon because it's about parents raising extraordinary kids. And then we laughed about the idea of actually having time to read- you know with me being, well, me, and with Lainie's weekend visits to the local Children's Hospital for her son's chemo. Still, it seemed like a good goal, the whole reading a book thing. So, we decided to buy the book (with a coupon) and take turns reading it. And then it arrived on my doorstep. Turns out it's about 900+ pages and weighs more than Little Bird.

I'm only about 65 pages in, but I'm loving this book so far. The tagline is Parents, Children, and the Search For Identity. Solomon spent 10 years working on this book by interviewing parents and children. Some of the children have deafness, autism, down syndrome, and/or were conceived in rape. 

I read a line in the first 30 pages or so that hit me... hard. "Having exceptional children exaggerates parental tendencies; those who would be bad parents become awful parents, but those who would become good parents often become extraordinary."

Truth is, without Little Bird being.... Little Bird, I might've just been a good parent. It's she who has made me extraordinary.

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