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Friday, December 14, 2012

The IEP Debrief

Well, I'd hoped for a Chanukah miracle in yesterday's IEP meeting, but that didn't quite happen. You can spend time catching up if you missed it when I decided to "open source" Little Bird's IEP. Here's the gist: I don't think she's in the right program, but it might be that she's in the least wrong one. She's in the Mildly Cognitively Impaired class, but she doesn't fit the bill of a kid with a mild c.i. She has Autistic Disorder (299.00), but the school district doesn't agree. Can't believe I'm in the position to have to prove her Autism. I feel like I'm fighting to even get them to test her for it. It's pretty obvious to everyone else except for those who have to do something about it.

I believe the ASD classroom's team is better positioned to care for her and to teach her. However, I'm continually told that she would not fit the make-up of the kids in the class. As well, as of right now there are already 6 kids in the K-2 ASD program (6 is the max). But, there is space in the 3-5 ASD class. Little Bird is almost 8, in the 1st grade, and less than 40 pounds. I'm not so sure it'd be safe for her to be in a classroom with kids that might be 4-5 years older than she is and certainly a lot bigger. I was told by the supervisor of special services for the school district that "there's no law saying I have to place her in the K-2 class. If there's no room and she needs an ASD class, she goes in to the 3-5 ASD class."  Areyoufuckingkiddingmerightnow? And it was in that moment that I realized that Little Bird's welfare is NOT in their best interest. Where's the appropriate (Free and Appropriate Public Education) in that??

Despite the fact that there's no room in the K-2 ASD class, I have still requested a visit so that I may see whether I think it's an appropriate fit. I have yet to hear back after making that request in writing yesterday. The goals set for Little Bird in this meeting are just okay. There are far too many things she does naturally and with ease at home and in private therapies that she just doesn't do in school. I explained that means they have to better motivate her to do these things there. I also explained, on the record, that the fact that she's not performing some of the already mastered skills they're "working" on in school, paired with the fact that she's peeing in her underwear there, and covering her ears most of the time, leads me to believe that there's been both "an increase in her anxiety and a regression in her behavior since entering this current program."

Photo by: Enchanted Photography by Marla Michele

Not much is changing today. A small shift in goals. When her original goals were written, they didn't know her. Now that they do, they've changed (lowered) her goals. She's not performing to the best of her ability there. Not a good sign. A clear one, but not a good one.

Homeschooling is looking better and better.

And the saga continues....

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