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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Missing the Target on Shipping

I had to buy something from Target that was only available online. My total didn't come to the minimum for free shipping and I figured, well, I need other things from there anyway, so I might as well just add to the subtotal and score the free shipping, right? Well, apparently, they shipped a bunch of items separately (still free). I've gotten three different shipments from them. Here's what came a couple days ago...

This medium-sized box with air filled plastic (to protect its contents) was used to transport these very fragile and valuable items:

THAT'S IT !!!!

So, I say shame on Target for using/wasting so much packaging to ship two little items. Though, I do thank them very much for the No More Tangles so Little Bird and I won't fight so much when combing through her hair!

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