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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ann Coulter insulted my child

Last night was the third and final Presidential debate. Romney vs. President Obama. I watched. I typically follow along on twitter to see what people are saying (that's where the real entertainment is). But last night I didn't log onto twitter and I'm glad I didn't. I might have seen this and gotten too upset to sleep:

That's the Tea Party's golden girl Ann Coulter using the R word to insult the President of the United States. It completely baffles me that people are still using this word as a slur- to put down others!! How is this okay?? 

When you use the the word RETARD to insult someone, you're insulting people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities; this is who you're really insulting:

This super sweet, fun, funny, smart, kind, inquisitive, silly, loving little bird who happens to have a developmental disability. That's who you're hurting with your words. 

Are you offended? You should be. 

If you have a child with a developmental disability, let @AnnCoulter know what her words mean. If you write a blog, join us and link up today! If not, consider sending a tweet to Ms Coulter letting her know her hate speech is unacceptable. Or just spread the word that in 2012 using the term RETARD to insult is unacceptable. I mean, really. 

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