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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weighted Blanket Worth The Weight/Wait!

Little Bird gets a little bit restless at bedtime. It's like she can't calm her nerves. There have been times when I've needed to give her some very deep proprioceptive input by massaging her arms and legs and even giving tight squeezes just to get her to stop moving all over the place. She needs help calming down.

A few months ago, I finally started considering spending the money for a weighted blanket and within a day or so I saw Lexi post on FB about how helpful hers had been. A weighted blanket gives a kiddo just enough pressure to calm him/herself and make it easier to sleep without being too much. They also help some kids stay focused by keeping them grounded. I've never heard of anyone not loving their weighted blanket, but I'd heard they can be pretty expensive. Little Bird was getting super squirmy at bedtime and I realized it was time to just go for it. That's when I came across Lexi's post about her SensaCalm blanket. I checkout their website and saw that blankets are custom made for your child's weight (or lack thereof in LB's case!), and you can pick your own fabric. We went with plain pink- I can't believe anyone can feel calm with the crazy patterned ones!

She loves it! I put it on her at bedtime and even though it'd be fine for her to sleep with it on through the night, I take it off before I go to sleep. Sometimes, if she's agitated, I'll bring it on to the couch with us. It's not an instant calming device, but it certainly does help and I definitely notice there's not as much bedtime squirminess. So, we are very happy and satisfied customers. Yes, they're a bit expensive, but it was worth every penny for us!

Does anyone in your home use a weighted blanket?

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