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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of First Grade

It's not MY first day of school, but I'm the one who is shaky and feels like I'm gonna throw up. It's okay, I know it'll pass (as soon as I pick her up!).  This is a new classroom (special ed), new teachers, new school. After three years in an incredible FULL inclusion classroom, she's aged out and right into the public school system. Did you know that most private schools won't touch a kid like mine? It's true. She's going into a great classroom with a great teacher and a great paraprofessional and (hopefully) the resources to give her what she needs. Still, it's not what I'd dreamed of when I had a baby. Sigh. Feeling all the feelings this morning. Typing through tears. I saved them for after I dropped her off and got in the car. This is just another one of those milestones that comes and goes and reminds me that we've missed the intended target. And all those pictures that the "normie" parents post on their kids' first days? Well, we can do that, too! It doesn't feel quite the same for us as it does for them, but we can still try.

There she goes...

When I found out which school she'd attend, I started asking around to see if anyone knew a first grader at the school in the mainstream/general education classrooms (my personal anti-bullying campaign). Lo and behold, we found one! I talked to the mom (who turned out to be super freaking cool), and we had a play date last week at the school's playground! Jacob is the sweetest. I know he'll look out for my bird. Bonus: we found out that Little Bird will be in Jacob's class when/if she gets to be mainstreamed for things like music and art. 

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