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Thursday, September 27, 2012

35 on 35

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to (I probably will), but the gift is all yours. In honor of my 35th birthday, I bestow upon you 35 things about me that you might not have known (or maybe you did. I don't care.).

1. I actually am 35.
2. My best friend has my FB password and has promised to clean things up if, gd forbid, anything ever happened to me.
3. I dream of living on a commune someday.
4. My two cats, Cassidy and Sugar Magnolia, were cremated and are kept in urns in my closet.
5. I'm beyond excited to share with everyone my new baby Birdhouse For Autism.
6. I attended seven schools by the time I was 16.
7. My new favorite meal is bibimbap.
8. I want to have another baby someday.
9. I'm too scared to have another baby someday.
10. When customer service reps ask if there's anything else they can do for me, I always answer with, "I'd appreciate your help in re-electing President Obama".
11.  I am 12 inches taller than my seven year old.
12. I have five piercings in my left ear and four in my right.
13. I recently cancelled cable and returned my cable box back to the blood sucking cable company
14. I don't have any gray hair.... yet.
15. I give my bird nine supplements/meds/vitamins/probiotics per day yet don't take one vitamin myself.
16. I'm hopelessly in love.
17. I may or may not have a secret online alter ego.
18. I can't believe I'm only halfway through this list.
19. When I was a child, I spent some time with rock stars.
20. I have recently discovered that in some ways rags are better than riches.
21. My favorite curse word is balls.
22. I have all the teeth Little Bird has lost (six) in a ziplock bag in my closet (same closet as the cats. see #4)
23. I have a hammock swing in my apartment (don't tell management).
24. I sneak treats and bottled water into movie theaters.
26. WKRP was my favorite show as a kid.
27. I've never donated blood because I've never met the minimum weight requirement.
28. I can't wait till I need reading glasses- I'm gonna rock those things!
29. The very best people I know have kids with Autism.
30. Lately (months) I eat no meat & no dairy. I know a ton of different ways to enjoy rice and veggies.
31. I can play C, F, G, and A chords on a ukelele.
32. Since Little Bird got too hyper after her B12 shots, I gave myself the rest.
33. I bite my nails.
34. I skipped 25 because I don't think you're paying attention anyway.
35. Sometimes I complain about the subtle signs of age on my face and body, but I think I look fucking awesome for 35.

Happy 35th Birthday to ME!!!

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