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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My New Habit

When my childhood friend, Michelle, found out that Little Bird is gluten free, she loaded up a box of deliciousness and shipped it to my front door. Turns out she works for a company called Good Habit that was started out by a woman who, just like the rest of us, was on the hunt for good foods free of gluten. Their website says, "it all started with a cookie." Well, I have now tasted these cookies and YUM!!

I shared them with Little Bird, whose favorite was the original chocolate chip cookie (obv). I was big on the oatmeal raisin and I didn't share any of it with LB. I didn't think I'd like an Apple Pie cookie, but it was really good. I always appreciate when someone adds nuts and seeds to cookies. I'm big on sneaking those things into my cooking as well.

So, the cookies are great. But, the granola.... awesome. I added it to a little bit of greek yogurt because I was trying to see what that hype was about. Delicious. I'm done with the yogurt, but I keep hitting that bag of granola when I walk past the kitchen. I know, I know, the GF treats were really supposed to be for the girl, but I couldn't help it. Good stuff!

I've talked before about the ongoing hunt for good, healthy, gluten free foods. They're tough to find sometimes. Of course, we are usually pretty dairy free, too. LB has been for almost 4 years. I am 90% there. I've had a tough time giving up cheese. Back in March when I gave up gluten for a month, I felt little to no change in my overall well being, but I never really added it back full force. I'd say I'm 75% of the way there. It's always nice to have a friend looking out for you.... and sending you delicious things in the mail! Thanks, Michelle!!

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