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Monday, July 16, 2012

A few good men

It turns out there are still good people in the universe. Really, really, really good people. I've just stumbled upon two beautiful examples.

I was recently grabbing a cup of coffee at a Starbucks in the metro-Detroit area and spotted a flier on the neighborhood info bulletin board. (side note: I read those bulletin boards anytime I see one in a shop, in any town I'm in. Nothing gives you a vibe of a town like a neighborhood bulletin board. Fact.)
So, I saw this flier.
Here's what it says:

Dan's Coffee Run
Every Thursday Dan Dewey visits the Michigan Cancer Institute and takes an order for Starbucks beverages. This is the same day that he used to take his dad for chemotherapy treatment. He then visits Starbucks, places the order and delivers all of the beverages to the patients, nurses, and doctors at MCI. This began when his dad was receiving treatment but now Dan purchases the coffee every week to honor his father. He passed away in 2008 after this third bout with cancer - but his spirit lives on with Dan's Coffee Run. This wonderful story has been a weekly occurrence since 2007 and we are so proud of Dan and his commitment to helping uplift others. 

If you would like to donate to Dan's Coffee Run, please see any barrista at store #2539 Woodward and Square Lake (42825 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Twp, MI 48302)
Thank you so much for your help and passion in supporting Dan's Coffee Run


I read about another great man making a difference in the lives of others- and he's not even living! Aaron Collins was born in 1982 but obviously he was wise and compassionate beyond his years. Aaron passed away last week just a few days after her turned 30. He left behind a will, asking his family/friends to help him fulfill a wish: "leave an awesome tip (and I don't mean 25%, I mean $500 on a f***ing pizza) to a waiter or waitress." And so his family, unable to afford the $500 for the tip, began to ask for donations. Once they hit $500, they went out for pizza.

The family writes: "If we continue to receive money, we will continue giving these gifts randomly, so that in his death he can touch the lives of many more people than he had even dreamed of doing in life."

Within days of the story being out there, thousands of dollars were raised. $10,000 in one day! The donations continue to roll in to AaronCollins.org and the family plans to continue fulfilling Aaron's wish. Others are committing to leave random big tips in honor of Aaron's wish.

Awesome stories, huh?

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