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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kindergarten graduation (take 2)

My baby graduated kindergarten!!!

Second year of Kindergarten complete! 

I, like so many other parents of kids with special needs, held my baby back to repeat a grade. The program she was in was just so awesome, I wasn't ready to leave it last year. Full inclusion. That means she was in a class with her typically developing peers (commonly knows as normies), with the support of a one-on-one shadow/advocate. 

Next year she'll transition into the public school system, which will drastically reduce the amount of interaction she has with typical kids her own age (sigh). More on that later....

finger in the ear & hair in the mouth

Little Bird and her best friend, Abbie. 

dancing on stage
exhausted on her daddy's shoulder by the end of it

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Danielle!! Is the public school going to hold an IEP meeting before school starts? Last I read (on your blog) they weren't going to do it until after school started!
Jenn Goldenberg

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