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Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't be an asshole

Note: there's an update at the bottom. Scroll, baby, scroll!

Really, people? You're still using the term RETARD in a joking manner? I mean, really? What is wrong with you people? This is not okay in so many ways. 

I was shopping for a greeting card recently and found a funny one, so I picked it up to buy, then proceeded to read others by the same company, Bald Guy Greetings

Needless to say, I put the card back and then talked to the store management, who were disappointed to find they had this on their floor. On BaldGuyGreetings.com there's a little "contact us" tab, so you can let them know how you feel about them making money off making fun of Mental Retardation. You can go right ahead and email Ian Kalman at ian@baldguygreetings.com 

 If you know me, know my daughter, or know anyone affected by a developmental disability, then I'm pretty sure you can see why this isn't funny. It's mean.

A few days ago, a physician in the area where I live shared this photo on FB where he got a bunch of "likes" and comments like, "thanks, really needed that laugh!" :

When you post things, publish things, share things like this, 
it doesn't make you funny. 
It makes you an asshole. 

Here's one more picture:

This is my little girl. She has a developmental disability and is preparing to enter a cognitively impaired classroom in the fall. Cognitively Impaired.  Do you know what that means? Would you look at her, point, and call her retarded? Would you post a picture of her on FB and make a joke?

Don't be a dick.


I just heard back from the head Bald Guy at Bald Guy Greetings, Ian. Here's the email he sent me:

Hi there Dani,

It's Ian from Bald Guy Greetings. I'm actually the guy that wrote the card and I apologize for offending you.

And yes, I understand your concern with using a word like that. In fact, when I first wrote it, I ran it by both family and friends. I thought there is no way I can print this card.

You see, I have a cousin with down syndrome. I grew up very close to him and remain close with him to this day. I ran it by his brother, his mother (my aunt) and several of our other family members. None of them saw a problem with it. In fact, they thought the opposite. They thought I was being to soft because it was my cousin and he wouldn't want to be treated any different. We make fun of people getting older, being dumb, self-centered, and a number of other things in our greeting cards. We make fun of many things. "Why baby him?" They said. So we printed the card.

When stores ask me to pick out the top 24 or 36 or 48 cards, I always run that card by them. I won't just include it without their approval. And 99% of the time, I'm shocked that they say to include it. You'd think I wouldn't be shocked by now. If you read the card closely, It never infers that being retarded is a bad thing. It's just something that exists in our world. If we ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, that only adds to the problem. Treat everyone the same and they will be the same.

Trust me, I don't wish to offend you. I'm sure you realize that.

So while I do apologize that you were hurt by the card and disappointed with Bald Guy Greetings, I hope you understand the lengths I went to before haphazardly printing the card. We promise we're nice guys over here.

I hope that helps clear it up. I understand if you don't want to buy our cards. They're not for everyone.

Take care and again, we sincerely apologize.

Alright, so it turns out Ian at BaldGuyGreetings.com isn't such a bad guy. I really do appreciate him getting back to me. I don't understand how he could feel uncomfortable about a product he puts out, though. So, I guess, we could buy his cards... just not that one.

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