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Friday, May 18, 2012

Can you help my friend?

"Me too"

The most powerful words ever spoken. Knowing we're not alone in something is by far the most comforting feeling. Those two words are like a huge, tight hug. It's important to share our stories and experiences with the world so we can be comforted by those who have paved the way before us, but also to be there for those who are going to travel down the same path in the future. 

So, I'm putting out this plea. A beautiful friend of mine has a sweet little boy who's just seven years old and had a brain tumor removed yesterday. The doctors think they got it all, but it looks like Medulloblastoma. That's the most common malignant central nervous tumor in children, so I'm guessing someone out there has experienced this or knows someone who has. 

I'd really like to find someone out there who could share experience, strength, and HOPE with my friend. So, please share this, ask around, and feel free to reach out to me at TheRealDaniG (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Thank you!!!

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