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Monday, April 30, 2012

What if your kid was bullied by her teachers?

A. By now most of you (I hope) have heard about and/or seen the video posted by Stuart Chaifetz of Cherry Hill, NJ describing his experience after sending his 10 year old son to school wearing a wire. If you have seen the video, skip to section C. If not, please climb out from under that rock and visit section B.

B. What? what do you mean you haven't seen this? Oy, okay, here. Take a look.

C. Pretty haunting, right? Of course, I'd like to say that I recognize that this is just one story and there are loads and loads of teachers out there who would never, ever, ever consider treating students this way. Still, I'd be lying if I said that this isn't something that I fear wherever and whenever I leave my baby in someone else's care. She doesn't have the ability to tell me if someone mistreats her. It's a very, very scary feeling.
Parents of typically developing kids: you know how you pick up your kid from school and find out what happened, who they played with, what they ate, what their homework is, etc.? Well, my kid can't tell me. Oh, I ask. But she just can't tell me.

It's a scary thing, putting our kiddos into the hands of others. We have to put extra trust out there. This situation in Cherry Hill is very unnerving, but it's so important that it be known that this happens sometimes. This is NOT okay.

I applaud Stu Chaifetz's courage and dedication to his kid and having the balls to put all this out there. I'm also incredibly impressed that he didn't post photos, addresses, and phone numbers of the caregivers involved! Can't say I'd have as much grace and dignity as he showed.

How do you think you'd have reacted if this was happening to your child?

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