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Monday, April 16, 2012

Special Bikes for Special Kids

A few years ago some friends gave Little Bird this bike that their kids had outgrown. I was so excited- look how cute that basket is! I got her all suited up with that helmet and everything and then.... nothing.  She looked SUPER cute, but just couldn't get the bike to move. 

For the bird, it's part motor planning, part low muscle tone, part sensory, all too tough. Still, at 7, she can't get a bike to move. She's not alone. It's actually very tough for many kids with special needs to learn to ride a bike. So many kids with special needs struggle with low muscle tone or even just a tough time getting their bodies to move the way they want them to. Riding a bike is a huge milestone and a feeling of great independence and accomplishment to so many kids. The good news is that there are great, adaptive bikes out there for kids who might otherwise struggle. The bad news is that they're often very difficult to get ($$$). 

Friendship Circle has a plan! 

The Great Bike Giveaway: Special Bikes for Special Kids will give 15 (maybe more!!) kids with special needs adaptive bikes!

Who: Friendship Circle and a bunch of different adaptive bicycle companies
What: Special Bikes for Special Kids!!
When: Submissions will be from April 5th - May 10th (voting takes place May 13th - 18th)
Where: Facebook! FC will be running this contest nationally via Facebook. Here, look for yourself! 
Why: Because every kid deserves to feel the wind in his or her hair and the freedom of riding a bike.

and the most important question...
HOW: You'll have 30 days to submit and entry for this contest. Parents will submit a photo or drawing along with a letter (400 character description) explaining how their child would benefit from one of these adaptive bikes. Fifteen winners from across the United States will be chosen based on a vote-a-thon held on FC's Facebook page for a period of seven days!!

Alright, riders... start your, ummmm, pedals!!

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