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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Day, New Autism Study

Autism may be linked to obesity during pregnancy

This study mentions that with the typical odds being 1 in 88, obesity in pregnancy increases those odds to 1 in 54. It's shocking that they continue spending money on some of these studies. So far, we've heard that the following things increase the odds of having a kid with Autism:

  • living by a freeway
  • fluoride in the water
  • cell phones
  • closely spaced pregnancies
  • not breast feeding
  • older parents
What am I leaving out? I'm sure there are more. I didn't live by a freeway, drank filtered water, she's my one and only, I nursed for a year and a half, I was 26 when I got pregnant. Oh, but I did gain a lot of weight in the pregnancy. Forty-five pounds. What? Still, I'm pretty sure that put me up to about 145.

The National Institutes of Health helped fund this study, by the way. They're the same ones who have only spent 0.6% of it's research budget on Autism related studies.

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