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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What I'm Gonna Do...

My divorce and all that's come along with it have left me depressed. I'm getting sick a lot more, too. Connected? Fo sho.

I've gotta get it together. Must snap out of it. A whole new season seems like a good enough reason to start.

I'm gonna start going to the gym again. No, really. I am.
I'm gonna try to go gluten free for a month (just to try it)
I'm gonna be social again. I haven't been out with friends for months. Literally months. I haven't had many babysitters in a long, long time. The two or three times I have, I've still had to put her to bed when I've gotten home.
I'm gonna make this apartment my own. Put some stuff on the walls. You know, decorate a bit.
I'm gonna take some time to take care of myself. Might just get a pedicure or a new pair of shoes (that are NOT from target).
I'm gonna try to get my groove back. I guess. I don't know. We'll see....

What are YOU gonna do?

Today's prompt: what are your goals this spring?

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