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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taking care of number one (that's me)

So, I wasn't gonna do it, but Tiffany, who runs The Blog Dare Dm'd me (that means Direct Message, mom) on Twitter, asking if I was gonna join in. I decided I'd do it. Basically the Blog Dare is a series of daily prompts meant to encourage posts and cure the ol' writer's block (I gots some a dat).

I'll commit to making it through the month of March, and hope that this goes better than the Pic A Day project I failed at miserably tried.

Today's prompt:
What's the best aspect of your life?

Today, it's the ability to take care of myself. I haven't always been so great at it. I often tend to put other things and other people first and then I suffer. Sounds like a mom, huh?! Well, I usually just go along doing that, putting myself last and it's just how I roll until BOOM! I suffer and realize that this way isn't gonna work. That's right where I am today.

One of my oldest friends is getting married this weekend. I booked the plane tickets and make all the reservations back in December. Last week, I tried on the dress I would wear to the wedding and started picking out the clothes I'd wear for the rest of the weekend. I'd made my plans- I'd stay with my best friend Samantha, get to have brunch with my brother, visit with some of my good friends and watch Jennifer get married. Huge bonus: my dad would be in town for one of the nights and I'd get to see him, too!! I was getting really excited. Counting down the days. And then I woke up on Saturday with a fever, chills, and alllllll achy. I whined and moaned but I knew that I had five days to get better. It's just a flu, I thought. It'll last 48 hours and I'll be good to go. I'd drink some theraflu and feel better in the morning. Only, I didn't. My fever and I headed to urgent care praying to the strep throat gods that it was bacterial and I could start a zpack and feel fine in 2 days. The swab was negative. Must be viral; ride it out with fluids, rest, and chicken soup. The next few days got worse. Weakness, dizziness, sore throat, painful ears, congestion, aches, etc. Ridiculous. Last night, I was trying to pack. What was I thinking? I couldn't even pack, how could I make it through a day of travel and then being sick on the road?

I called the airline. Canceled the trip. Devastated. So disappointed. Pissed off, too. Feeling pretty sorry for myself. Of course I was looking forward to the friends and the wedding and the trip and all that, but I was also looking forward to the break. I haven't had one in a long, long, long time. I rescheduled the trip and I'll get to go out there and see my friends. Still, it's not what I wanted. But, I know that what's most important is that I take care of myself. I obviously wouldn't have a good time if I were to be sick the whole time. So, please, nobody breathe on my for the next three weeks so I can stay healthy and strong and able to go on this trip (currently titled trip 2.0).

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