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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stars on a String

So, today's prompt is "Pinterest ideas I have yet to try." Well, the truth is, I joined pinterest last summer. June, maybe. I had fun poking around, but I was kind of done with it by the time everyone else got into it. Yeah, I'm pretttty ahead of the curve. I haven't used it to find fun, crafty ideas or new, easy recipes (but I should).

I did find something that I wanted to try back in November but I never did it. Today's prompt is pushing me to just do it already. So today, I'm making a paint sample garland.

Here's the pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/221239400414523656/

Here's what I did:

I went to Home Depot and grabbed a bunch of pretty paint samples

Then I used the star paper puncher to make pretty, pretty stars. 

Then I took a needle and thread and strung the stars together

Then I hung 'em up in my Little Bird's room

A very fun, very cheap, very crafty decoration!

Today's prompt: Pinterest ideas I have yet to try

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