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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snowed In

We had a pretty boring wimpy mild winter this year. There really wasn't event one snowpocalypse, no Snotorious B.I.G! I kinda get excited when they start warning people to get things done early before the storm hits. I usually make a big pot of chili, get my cozies on, make sure there's enough Dora or whatever on the DVR, and ride it out.

If I was alone (a fantasy), I'd probably still make the chili, just less. I'd also be sure there was enough wood for the fireplace (in my fantasy I have a wood burning fireplace in my log cabin), and a few bottles of Savignon Blanc in the fridge. Instead of the DVR, I'd pick out my favorite records (on vinyl) and crank up the speakers. I'd still be in my cozies, though. That's for sure. Oh, coffee! I forgot, I'd have enough coffee to last a few days just in case I was snowed in for too long. Wait, there's internet access, right? And Scramble with friends? And home made chocolate chip cookies?

Wine, music, coffee, cozies. Am I leaving anything out? What would you bring?

Today's prompt: If I was snowed in at a cabin deep in the woods

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