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Monday, March 12, 2012

On My To-Do List

1. Make it through a cold or flu season without getting sick.
2. Learn to play the banjo.
3. Go crazy.
3. Send the new baby gifts on my counter to @JenerationPR and @JHarrison34.
4. Put pictures up on the walls of my new apartment (2 months still counts as new, right?).
5. Make a Special Needs Ryan Gossling post to link up with my friend Sunday.
6. Cut refined sugars out of my diet.
7. Write a book about my experiences.
8. See the HBO Temple Grandin movie (yeah, I know).
9. Finish up my degree in SLP, OT, PT, ABA, etc. By now I should totally have one.
10. Make tonight's dinner. Gotta go.

Today's prompt: Ten things I have yet to accomplish

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