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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mmmmm Veggies

I enjoy vegetables. I'll eat 'em raw with a ranch dip or hummus or even dipped in guacamole. But, really, I'd eat just about anything dipped in guacamole. Little Bird likes to eat veggies, too. Broccoli is her favorite, for sure. But, she's happy to eat the peas I mix in to her pasta and the spinach that her Noni (her dad's mom) cooks into her famous meat sauce. Lately she's loving eating garbanzo beans straight out of the can. Not a vegetable, but still it's very healthy and great protein!

I know I can get her to eat more veggies if I can find a recipe for a dairy free ranch dressing to dip them into. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

I'm a pretty healthy eater and I think that's why she is, too. There's just not a lot of "junk" in the home, so there aren't options for eating poorly. Still, we've driven through McDonalds for some fries and she loves to eat hotdogs. But, there's always a veggie and/or a fruit within arms reach.

Any veggie I wouldn't force her to eat? I really don't think I'd force her to eat anything. I think there are WAY too many sneaky ways to hide healthy stuff in foods if I needed to!

A vegetable I won't insist my child eats

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