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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's Light It Up BLUE!

Once again, homes across America will Light It Up Blue to promote Autism awareness and support on throughout the month of April. You can get your special blue light bulbs at The Home Depot.

Of course you can get bulbs anywhere, but The Home Depot will donate one dollar of every bulb purchase to Autism Speaks which works to promote Autism Awareness and Advocacy. 

If you and your families light it up blue, please send me a pic at TheRealDaniG (at) gmail (dot) com. Got it? I'd love to post your pic!

And, of course, I'd REALLY love to post pictures of you wearing BLUE on April 2nd (that's next Monday) to show the world that you support Autism awareness.

Did you make it on to my wall of fame in 2010? How about 2011? Please be sure to wear BLUE on Monday and send me a picture of you so I can post it and make you world famous*

*this will not make you world famous, but it may make you feel good about yourself.

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