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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Even our haircuts are interesting

It was time for a haircut. So, we went into one of those walk right in
no appointment necessary spin the wheel and hope you come out with
something remotely close to a stylish cut. There were a lot of people
in there. I wasn't convinced we were gonna make it but I told her that
we'd visit the library if we made it out of here alive after the
haircut. That worked. That and the YouTube videos we watched while we

He called her name. She sat in his chair. I wondered how long I could
get away without saying "she has autism and doesn't talk very much" or
"she doesn't understand how to sit still" or "she doesn't mean to bite
your hands each time they're within reach". It's a game I like to play
with myself- see what triggers the disclaimer.
Usually it starts off right away. They ask "what's your name?" "how
old are you?" *crickets* I usually do the awkward answer for her
thing. This time was no different. And yet, it was.

When he asked how old she is, and she didn't answer, I did my typical,
"tell him how old you are, bird." and then when she didn't say a
thing, I answered, "she's seven." Oh, I have a daughter who is 6 1/2.
And then my mind started going:
So, I bet he thinks it's weird that the bird won't talk, has her
fingers in her ears, can't sit still, etc. But he interrupted my pity
party with "but she is.... disabled." And there I was: back in my
comfort zone. We talked for a while about his daughter who was
recently diagnosed with Angelman syndrome (at 6!!) and how the doctors
just kept saying that she's just delayed. Grrrrr! He just moved here
with his wife, daughter, and son about a year ago. I gave him some
names and little bits of information for him to look into some
services, etc. He was surprised that I knew as much as I do about
Angelman, but of course I spent hours googling every single condition
we ever had Little Bird tested for.

Who'd have ever thought that all I needed to feel more comfortable in
the nightmare that often coincides with haircuts was to meet another
SN parent?? That's my comfort zone, I guess. These are my peeps.

Oh, added bonus?? The girl got a super cute haircut!

You can't see the haircut, but she's still pretty cute here.

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