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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What does the easter bunny have to do with special needs?

A super mom I know is up for a super award which will grant her super daughter's school a super e-library. Of course, I think you should ALL vote for her, but I also want you to get to know her a bit.

Lisa is mommy to V, a very sweet four year old little girl who happens to have some super powers (sounds so much better than special needs).  Victoria has congenital nystagmus and low vision. Lisa says, "my super powered kid literally sees the world differently and has taught me how to see in ways I never thought possible. Often she doesn't see people's expressions and responds to tones rather than looks. To her, everyone wants to be her friend. How great would it be if everyone didn't 'misjudge looks'? Also, she is not afraid to fall. She falls, bumps, and bruise all day long. Instead of crying, she says, 'I'm okay. Spills happen!" How great would it be if we could all have that attitude? I believe in creating a world without boundaries for her. Yes, I want to protect her, but I also believe she must explore and discover. Often I realize I am the one who must change my point of view. She is a kid with amazing super powers!!"

Lisa has written a childrens book and entered it into a contest to win (among other things) an e-library for V's school!! She's a finalist! Lisa loves e-libraries because she can make everything bigger so little V can see better.

Please take a moment to vote for Lisa Rose's Oh No! The Easter Bunny is Allergic to Eggs!
Click on this link!!

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