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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten years ago...

Ten years ago, on this day, I was in the south of France. It was my first and only trip to Europe.

I'd been married for just a few months. My husband traveled every year to Germany for business, and always wanted me to tag along with him. I never wanted to. Call me crazy, but I am still harboring some resentment toward the Germans for some things they did to my peeps. So, I wasn't ready to go there and spend money. I compromised by meeting him in London for a few days and then heading to France. Sounds rough, huh? Actually, it was a little bit scary.

This was less than six months after September 11th. I was uncomfortable about flying in an airplane for years months a while. I was even more uncomfortable about doing it alone, and across the ocean, too! I brought a bottle of xanax and got on the plane. It was a great trip filled with all the touristy things like the tours of London "Look kids it's Big Ben!". Then we traveled on to France where we met with a friend of ours and had a really great time. Until we flew home and G vomited the whole plane ride home from London.

Ten years ago today:
 I never thought I'd live in Michigan
I knew nothing about Autism
I never, ever thought I'd be divorced
I had no freaking clue how strong I really am

This week's prompt:
Start a post with "Ten years ago today..."

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