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Thursday, February 23, 2012

IEP meme- yay!

Hey, guess what?!! My amazing, brilliant, funny, fun, sister-friend JillSmo tagged me in a meme! I'm so excited (she's probably reading this). Actually, the exciting part is that she tagged me along with some of our original ASD-blogging-mommy crew which includes Jessica, Jennie, Lynn, and Cheryl.

Don't worry, it's not one of those awesome "tell us 5 things about yourself that we could care less about" kind of memes. It's an IEP tips, tricks, and experiences meme!!

not sure where this picture came from, but Jill used it 
1) Little Bird makes great use of a few good tools. Chewlery is a biggie as well as a chewy tube, but that doesn't help her blend in as well as a necklace might. She used to use a bumpy seat to sit still at circle time. Hmmm wonder why she doesn't do that anymore.... She's got a pencil that's fatter than your average pencil to help her grip it a bit better. It's purple. She calls it purple pencil. LB uses a slanted notebook as a platform for writing. This helps her take a bit of pressure off her weak shoulder girdle. Of course, her favorite tool is her whine. She uses it to manipulate the shadow to take her on a walk. 

2) Because LB is in a private school, she doesn't receive the special services she would in a public school like speech, OT, PT, etc. She gets all those privately at home or in clinics. We chose to put her in the private school because we wanted to push hard for the social skills she could learn from her typically developing peers. However, next year, she will be attending a public school in our new local school district. She will qualify for all those (and I'm certain I'll think she'll qualify for FAR more than she'll receive!!). Right now, our private speech and occupational therapists visit the bird's school periodically to assess the situation in the classroom and make suggestions, etc. 

So, two weeks ago I called the new school district to get the girl enrolled (you've gotta enroll the kid before the special services department will even take your call). I was told that since she doesn't have a current IEP (in private school) and that since her last one was written more than three years ago, they'll do a whole new evaluation and assessment.... at the beginning of the school year. I was all like, "ummmm, well I'm prettttty sure I can't just drop her off at the beginning of the year and wait for you to evaluate her." And the lady was all like, "well, I'm not really sure what to do then." I thought of many things she could do, but I didn't say any of them out loud. Instead, I politely asked that the director of the special services department call me at her earliest convenience. She must be pretty busy. Haven't heard from her yet. But, I will. Oh, yes, I will. 

I'm definitely nervous about where this will lead. I don't know what her program will look like; what kind of classroom they'll put her in; how much mainstreaming she'll receive; what kind of staff they'll have, etc. I've noticed that as I type these words, my jaw is being clenched tighter and tighter. Oy vey. Rest assured, you'll be hearing more and more about this as time goes on....

I'd like to pass this meme on to two more of my original blogging crew members, Jen from I am Still Looking Up and Heather from The A Word, who are both super tough when it comes to IEPs. Also, how about we hear something from a proud papa? Jim from Blogging Lily!

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