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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cake balls!

Little Bird's birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, 
so this weekend, I'm throwing her a little birthday party

I hate hate hate the idea of giving kids cheap plastic toys made by young children in sweat shops for the kids to choke on as party favors. So, I usually make something for giveaways. One year, I melted chocolates into little lollipop molds. For last year's party, I made these m&ms. 

This year, thanks to my friend Evie's obsession with interest in Pinterest, I've discovered how to make cake pops. I'm going to share this wisdom with y'all.

First I baked a cake and allowed it to cool completely. 
Then I crumbled it all up in a bowl, set that aside:

Meanwhile, I took white frosting and spiced it up with a little food coloring:

And then I smushed the frosting into the cake crumbles. This was messy and squishy. Then I rolled this "dough" into little balls*

*hahahaha I said little balls!

I put them on wax paper on a cookie sheet and stuck 'em in the fridge to firm up. Once my balls were hard enough (oh, come on, like I was gonna dodge that one), I took my lollipop sticks and dipped them in melted chocolate and stuck 'em in the balls; basically I used the chocolate as an adhesive.


Back in the fridge with you!

Once I had the chocolate melted (microwave), I started the dipping process. 

Voila! Cake balls!!

This week's prompt:
Create an "instructional" post where you show readers how to do something cool or useful or yummy

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