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Thursday, December 15, 2011

If I had to marry a celebrity...

I don't have to, but if I had to marry a celebrity (or five), my list would look something like this 
(in order):

1) Tom Brokaw
Yes, he is my #1 celebrity crush. I've had a thing for him for a long, long time. I've read his autobiography and I've TiVo'd his interview with Piers Morgan from last night- don't tell me how it ends!

2) William Jefferson Clinton

Love love love me some Bill Clinton. Had the hots for him since I was a teenager and he was running for office. Did you know he's a vegan now, too?? Healthy is hot!!

3) Ryan Reynolds
He just looks like a really nice guy, doesn't he? (side note: this post would've been finished earlier, but I got a little caught up looking at for pictures of this guy on the interwebz)

4) Barack Obama

He's the freaking leader of the free world, people. Come on!

5) Charles Osgood (from CBS' Sunday Morning)
He's just so cute in those little bow ties

One of these things is not like the others, huh? Weird. Wait. You weren't expecting this list to be all George Clooney and Brad Pitt-ish, were you?

This week's prompt:  
If you HAD to marry a celebrity...who would make your top five list and why?

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