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Saturday, December 10, 2011

At my mom's suggestion

So, I have this blog. Yes, this one. And I used to write in it a lot. In fact, according to the little numbers over there (yeah, over there <---------), in 2009 I wrote 189 posts, and in 2010 I wrote 284. But, in 2011 so far I've only written 150; this is post number 151- which got me thinking....

My mom, Little Bird's grandma, came to visit us this week. She heard me talk about my super awesome friend Laura S, whom I got to see during a recent road trip I took to Ohio. I got to tell her the story of how Laura's friend (I think her name is Jennifer, so hi Jennifer!!) told her she's just gotta check out this blog by some crazy awesome lady (me) who curses talks just like they do and have so much of the same experiences. She did, then she contacted me and once I discovered she wasn't a stalker was super cool, we became fast friends. She's come to visit me, and I've traveled down to see her, too! Here we are with our girls:

(Laura would probably want me to tell you that this photo was shot at a weird angle and I'm very short.
She is not a giant)
Then my mom got to meet my gorgeous friend Alisa, whom I also met through this little blog. About a year and a half ago I got an email from her saying, "hi you don't know me, but...." and we became friends immediately! 

So, it wasn't long before my mom said, "you know, Danielle..." (many conversations start off this way) "You really should start writing your blog again."  Aw, man! Don't my Friday *This Moment* posts count?  Apparently, they do not. "It connects you to so many people and you've made some really nice friendships with people going through similar experiences; it brings you so much support while offering so much to others." I'm sure she said other stuff, but we were driving and I think we passed the Dairy Queen by then and I got distracted. My point is... I guess I'll start writing again. Sound good? Are you ready? Can you handle it? At this point, I imagine you are standing up and applauding, so please sit down, you're embarrassing me.

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