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Friday, October 14, 2011

Twist and Pull

You might have seen last week's moment and you might have guessed we spent the day at the apple orchard, but you'd never have guessed just how beautiful the day truly was. We go on this field trip every year with Little Bird's school and it's usually cold and a little drizzly, but this was a gorgeous, sunny and 65 kind of day. 

We had a great time, picked (and ate) a ton of apples, drank some fresh cider, ate a glutenous donut (or two). My favorite part of the day was definitely getting to see Little Bird with her two best friends at school. These girls love and accept my girl as is, treating her no differently than any other kid, but still understanding that she is a little different. 

Apple cider donuts!! (please do not tell the Gluten Free police!)

The obligatory "twist and pull" photo

The Loot

I found a few bites taken from this one and then neatly placed back in the fruit bowl
I baked two apple crisps and this amazing apple coffee cake, which might be the best thing I've ever made. A big thank you and a shout out to everyone who gave me ideas and recipes for the 50 apples I brought home, and a big F you to Emeril Legasse who's delicious Apple Coffee Cake Recipe was listed as "easy" (it was hard work, yo!).


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