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Monday, October 24, 2011

Her weekend away

I packed her bag: clothes, socks, underwear, a sweater just in case; supplements (anything not liquid and not refrigerated); books, toothbrush, GF/CF snacks for the plane, etc. We drove to the airport with time to spare. And then I did something I'd never done before. I kissed my baby goodbye. Even though I'd told her she was going on a trip to Noni's house with Daddy and that Mommy would be here when she came home, she looked a little confused when she really realized I wasn't going with her. She'd never been on an airplane without me. She'd never been anywhere without me. It'd been almost six months since I'd spent a night away from her. I'd never spent a night in my house without her there. We're both tough girls and I knew we'd make it.

And we did.

Little Bird had a great visit to "tawifornia" (California) with her Dad. She got to spend some nice quality time with her Noni, Papa, Auntie Em, and her cousins. I mean, look at this:

Oh, me? Yep, I made it, too. I missed her. A lot. How'd I celebrate my "freedom" that so many people said I'd love? I napped!! I was sick, so I actually camped out on the couch. Knitting, drinking hot cider, and napping. I was unfamiliar with this napping phenomenon that I'd heard so much about. And I liked it. A lot.

Now she's back home with me and life returns to normal. Well, our normal, anyway. A great lesson for us both in understanding that she's just fine without me for a weekend; and I guess I was just fine, too.

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