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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from Toll House chocolate chip cookies, from Fox's U-Bet syrup and Thanksgiving stuffing made from rye bread with caraway seeds. I am from Bloomingdale's Little Bloomies underwear.

I am from the valley, the hills, the waves, the salty air, and the smoggy skies.

I am from the bougainvillea creeping along the freeways, traffic, and overcrowded schools; from 72 and sunny. Everyday.

I am from Ellis Island, stickball in the streets and stubbornness, from Kipperman and Hawes and the Gs.

I am from grudge-holders and old photograph hoarders. I am from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Frank Sinatra. I am from LPs and cassette tapes.

I am from summers spent milking cows and throwing crabbing nets off the side of the fishing boats. 

I am from Chinese food and movies on Christmas.

From girls can do anything boys can do and if the holocaust happened once, it can happen again. From if we're not there for them, who will be for us?

I am from the star of David. Two triangles intersecting. From the Jewish family leaving cookies for Santa Claus. 

I am from the pioneers seeking gold in California and Oregon. 

I’m from Los Angeles and Russia and Ireland and Brooklyn, avocados, Nathan's hotdogs, and matzoh ball soup.

From Grandma Weez who created the original Brady Bunch when she married the cute single dad down the street. She had 3, he had 4, and together they had two more. That's nine if you're counting. From Granny who dropped out of middle school to run the household of her alcoholic father and brothers after her mother ran off. From the stewardess who married the passenger who'd missed his earlier flight and was forced to sit in her section.

I am from hippies in Laurel Canyon, retired Jews in Florida, the wonder bread truck driver, and the seltzer king of New York.

And now? I'm from the cider mills, the great lakes, and the snowy winters. I think I'll stay.

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Where I'm From

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