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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Walk 4 Friendship 2011

What a day! We had a great time at Walk 4 Friendship 2011 to benefit Friendship Circle where we raised a lot of money to support kids with special needs and their families. About five thousand people came out to walk and show support. Of those five thousand, about 60 were signed up on Team One Step At A Time (that's my team!!).

We walked a mile and then over-indulged in hot dogs, cotton candy, and sno-cones!!

I would like to thank each and every donor who helped us raise so much money for this unbelievable cause, as well as everyone who came out and walked with us. I'd also like to thank the people who didn't do either of those things but continue to support and encourage me and my bird.


See you all next year!

** PS: I wrote this on the bathroom floor while the bird was in the bath and kept saying, "I'm having a bubble bath," even though she wasn't. I just realized that she dumped the entire bottle of shampoo into the water. So, she was right. It was a bubble bath.

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