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Friday, September 16, 2011

Just so you know

"This is fact not fiction for the first time in years"

Ok, not really in years, but I've been holding on to something for a long time that I haven't shared publicly in this here weblog. Since many talkers have been talking (yes, I'm talking to you cute little midwestern community in which I live), many of you already know that I am currently going through a divorce.

Gentle readers (miss manners always addresses her readers that way and I've always wanted to try it), this is obviously not a decision I've come to lightly and very clearly something I've struggled with for a really long time. In fact, the process of separation and divorce has been going on for far longer than most of you'd imagine (even you gossipy gossipers).

What you will not see, hear, or read about is me bashing the great guy and freaking awesome father that I was married to for ten years, whom I'd lived with for fourteen years (almost half of my life, people). Instead, I'll keep sharing with you my experience and I'll try to keep on looking good while doing it.

Please bear with me as I try to figure out and adjust to this new phase of my life. This is a very difficult transition and I'm working hard to find my balance. I do have faith that I'll get there. Someday. In the meantime, I'll gladly accept support, well wishes, compliments on my brains and beauty, etc.

So there you have it, folks. That's what's been going on. That's the reason for the lack of posts, the mysterious allusions, and the "difference" in me. Some people who know me in real life have recognized that I've been a little bit down, like the wonderful director of Little Bird's school put it, "not your bubbly self." (side note: see mom, there are some principals who like me!!) Of course all this is a work in progress. I'm working through it. Thanks for being patient with me.

I have a lot of friends who do know all about this and have thus far offered so much support, shoulders to cry on, and a lot of encouragement. I am so so so grateful. Really. I also have a bunch of friends who are kinda jealous, but that's a whole other story....

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Anonymous said...

I myself was an abused wife. My husband at the time would hit me and tell me if I had not made him mad it would not have happened. He broke my ribs,bruised me, locked me in closets, put me down in front of others, called me names and told me no one else would want me because I was worth nothing. He refused to let me cook, clean or do anything. Be cause he said I was not smart enough. This also happened in front of my sons. The beatings got worse so I had to leave. Now my life is better. I am going to collage and in a good relationship. My advice to you is to leave and get help repairing your self esteem. I can tell you from experience that it takes a long time but in the end it is worth it. You are worth more than letting a man beat you. If you stay it will never get any better no matter what he promises you. It is not your fault for what he is doing. I always thought it was my fault but learned through therapy it was not. He needs help for his problem. Unless he helps himself you cannot help him. I know it is painful to think of a life on your own but it gets better. The love of friends and family can help you. Good luck.

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