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Thursday, July 7, 2011


'cause I no longer know 
where home is"
-Kings of Convenience

This lyric has stuck with me since December when I went home to California. Home is such a funny word. Really, what's "home" to you? I mean, it might be a kind of an arbitrary, ephemeral, or unwavering thing; it certainly has been something that has changed and continues to change for me. When I'm in Michigan, I refer to California as home, and when I'm out there I call Michigan home. I might be lost.

The old saying is "you can never go home again." I get it. Not only have my parents moved out of the home I grew up in, it's just about impossible to go see that house, stand outside and take pictures, or show my bird where mommy grew up. Greg's parents have lived in their home for ever and I must say that I got to do a lot of growing up there as well. So, I do get to share some of that with her. But I do understand the saying. After I'd moved away for a little bit, I went back for a visit. Everything looked and felt different; smelled and tasted different, too.

There's a beautiful line in a beautiful song called Brokedown Palace that goes, "mama, mama, many worlds I've come since I first left home." My life has changed so dramatically since I first left my home in Los Angeles and made the very big, bold move to Michigan 9+ years ago. Things have happened that I never, ever, ever saw coming. Isn't that just life? So, here I go... showing up because life is in session.

Yeah, I'm kinda cryptic. What about it? I'm dark and mysterious. I'm making you wonder. Talkers are talking.... More will be revealed.

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