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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cancer takes the best ones

Dear Cancer,

Really? I mean, really? Why do you take the good ones? How about the douchebags? Can't you just go after them? 

You suck,
Dani G

I met Tami when the bird was just 5 months old. She walked with me through everything from, "I wonder why she's not rolling over yet" to "I think we'll try taking gluten out of her diet". She and I shared a very special bond that is unique to the nature of our relationship. I remember when she said, "I think I have a lump." We were at the library, meeting in a quiet place to talk. I felt it and said, yeah, that needs to be looked at. That was 3 years ago. She fought a good fight. One tough cookie, that's for sure.

Best attitude ever.

Tami was one of those pink, sparkly, paint-the-walls-of-her-house-purple kind of girls. Always with a smile and maybe a feather boa. Loved and ridiculously adored by her husband Gary, admired and respected by her awesome kids, Danielle and David, and inspirational to anyone who ever met her.

I will never, ever, ever forget Tami, nor will I ever be the same after sharing such a special bond with such a special woman.

Here are a few other times that Tami has made a cameo on the blog:
Relay for Life
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Tami's Team

Tami's cancer was associated with the BRCA gene. Same as two other beautiful women I've lost over the last 9 months. Please spend a few moments reading about this genetic mutation linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

Tami kept her own blog about her journey. If you have any interest in seeing how someone could walk through something so huge with such grace and dignity, spend a little time here:
Tami's Caring Bridge

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