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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothing Gold Can Stay

It's been months (months!!!) since we've seen any kind of regressive behavior or anything to even indicate that we might head into that direction. Actually, since we've begun the new deal protocol, things have been pretty freaking awesome with Little Bird. Alas, nothing gold can stay. The past week has been rrrrrrrough! She whines more than she speaks, argues more than she agrees, and slams doors and tells me to "go away" thus raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels. 

While I want to blame the weather, the B12, the month long courses of vancomycin and nystatin, I have no real idea what's happening here. Of course, I've spent hours in my research lab (google.com) considering all the options. Two weeks ago, Magda was doing cranial sacral therapy and with her hands placed firmly over LB's liver declared, "wow, she's really detoxing." I know that the meds were meant to detoxify her system so some of this is to be expected, but it hadn't occurred to me that she'd still be dumping toxins. I know this is going on. I also know that not enough of this stuff is, um, coming out. So, today, after school, I'll load her up on miralax and wait. This is going to be a very very very long weekend. If you don't hear from me, please send chocolate chip cookies for me and toilet paper for the bird. 

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