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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Autism Awareness (or something like that)

We're just about half way through Autism Awareness Month and it's dawned on me that I haven't gone out of my way to help make others aware (like I have time for that). But yesterday, the bird and I stopped by Whole Foods. As we approached the checkout, I noticed a blue puzzle piece pin affixed to the shirt of the lady behind the counter. I asked her about it. She said that last week WF had a day where they donated a very small percentage of sales to Autism Speaks (yeah, yeah, not everybody digs this organization, but whatever- they raise awareness); she said WF even gave employees basic info about Autism in effort to educate them a bit. I could tell that she didn't have a personal connection and possibly didn't even know anyone who had Autism. So, I called the bird over (she was busy with her hands in the big bin of orange juice cartons filled with teeny tiny pieces of ice: "I want ice, mommy!!"). I introduced her, "this is the bird. She has Autism. Sometimes, this is what it looks like."

So there I go. Spreading a little bit of awareness. Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time I've done something like this in line at Whole Foods.

Yeah, I know.

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